The curse and blessing of the optimism bias


Within every project lurks the optimism bias.

Don’t believe me?

….when was the last time that a status was ‘green’ based on the assumption that ‘things will work themselves out’ or as the default , unthinking value

….when was the last time there was a deadline that seemed optimistic .  And indeed was.

…..who removed the contingency??

But don’t be miserable, just be mindful.

And get that contingency in somehow.

optimism bias



EAST is East


thanks to those lovely people from the UK government’s behavioural insights team (BIT) we can all become designers of behavioural interventions, borrowing from psychology, behavioural economics , nudging etc etc.

For more about EAST and BIT let them tell you in their own words

for change projects the joy of nudging is that it can easily and cheaply inform and complement more familiar approaches

I would not call it the new ‘business as usual’ (yet) but I can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t use the techniques