Besides adding up to ‘100’ , this little ratio is behind a few learning strategies going out on projects I’m involved with this year.

My reflection on this model, from the perspective of making change stick, is how to address the ‘70%’ in any organisation?

The project team have almost 100% control over the 10% but for the ‘social’ and ‘experiential’ the organisation in which you’re working becomes the primary influence on your activity

Fortunately there’s someone out there who cares about this stuff enough to put together a toolkit to help

70:20:10 Forum

Shadow IT .. the frenemy ?

We hear a lot about ‘shadow IT’ like it’s some sort of sinister underground movement but for many business people it makes perfect sense .  I can find a cloud-based tool for most of the functions I need to do my job. Designed for mobile/cloud usage, user-friendly, designed around service prinicples, low or free pricing, self-administered, nil support requirements.

For many IT people it’s a genie that needs to go back in the bottle.  Leave apart the human factor around lack of control there are legitimate concerns about corporate data security, fragmentation etc


Whatever your personal stance I thought this article summed it up nicely  Shadow IT is here to stay – Deal With It